Welcome to Castle Frankenstein, a Growers Community….We are building this site to help those who have a desire to grow their own and offer them some help along the way. We are going to try to help everyone we can, both new and old, experienced and inexperienced. We eventually hope to become a non-profit that can help veterans, those in need and the less fortunate. We believe in “PAYING IT FORWARD”. Please join us in making this the best site ever. Here you will find answers to your questions on growing cannabis, companion plants, holistic plants, 100% Organic and non-Organic solutions to help with problems encountered in environments, substrates, and reservoirs. You will also be able to help others with your valuable insights and knowledge. We will also offer “Adult Novelty Items” (seeds—a legal clause so they can be sold nationally) and other products (mold & insect control, crop and residue cleanse, soils, amendments, nutrients and the like) to help with bringing your grow to a successful end usable product. Join us in making this a better planet than we found it!