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The Community

The "Community" is a GROUP effort, with contributions from those who have knowledge and those who desire knowledge. No matter where you are, there is a place here for you

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You will soon start to understand the passion that growers have for their plants

Take the time to sit down and develop a plan. It does not have to be complete but all things start somewhere. Prepare yourself with knowledge, that will start you on your journey. Almost everyone I know who does this winds up developing a passion, it grows as you grow. There is a strange

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Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana - before you begin to grow, you should familiarize yourself with the things you need to do to have a successful harvest. From the simplest setup to complex environments, arm yourself with knowledge. Expect to run into problems, have issues, successes and failures, it comes with the territory. So before you invest, KNOWLEDGE

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Castle Frankenstein “A Growers Community”

Welcome to Castle Frankenstein, a Growers Community....We are building this site to help those who have a desire to grow their own and offer them some help along the way. We are going to try to help everyone we can, both new and old, experienced and inexperienced. We eventually hope to become a non-profit that

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