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  • Michael Balsamo
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    My wife has insomnia and other auto immune issues. Can you recommend a strain for daytime, afternoon and night time to help her along?

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    That sounds like I could have written that. My wife takes CBD gummies before bed.

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    My wife used to take gummies but much of what was out there was just a waste of $$. MDBuds was working on a gummie specially for her but ran in to a mislabeled seed strain so back to scratch.
    As far as toking, Acapulco Gold is her favorite for being sensual, Durban P for wake and bake, GG4 as a late day / near dinnertime and heavy INDICA thc for beddy bye. We (I) try growing many strains to see what works best and it changes from time to time and how much her auto-immune is flaring up. We just got hit with COVID (again, second time) and it has thrown a BIG MONKEY wrench into the mix. Having just recently moved, I am not prepared to begin my new grow but it usually goes something like this:
    Photo’s = Acapulco Gold, GG4, GDP, Durban P
    Auto’s = I am going to go with about 15 varieties…mostly hybrids ranging from 60/40 to 90/10. A couple 30/70 with Indica being the dominant for late day, Sativa for the early part of the day
    Hopefully I can get settled in and get some pron bud up
    Thanks for the post

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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