Advanced Colloidal Micelles Nano-technology Insecticide and Fungicide uses USP grade oil, plant extracts, and organic acid mixed into colloidal micelles (supramolecular surfactants). These micelles attract large particles using encapsulation. This encapsulation covers, maintains plant surface efficacy long-term, while increasing general plant health and BRIX score.

Insect Control – Kills sap-sucking insects on several different levels: dissolves the exoskeleton, blocks digest enzyme production, and eliminates ability to digest the plant. These enzymes do not harm beneficial insects, so it can be used alongside beneficial treatments.

Pathogen removal – Removes mold and mildew by cleaning the plant and scrubbing it. Creating a slick surface that it cannot adhere. It will also destroy pathogens creating a clean plant surface. All this while scrubbing but not affecting THC.

Bio Stimulant- healthier, thriving plants increasing systematic nutrient uptake. The micelles attach to fatty acids needed to process soluble and insoluble nutrients directly to the phloem and xylem of the plant, where it can increase overall plant health. contribute to foliar growth and enhance ripening.

Uses: For use to controlling insect, mold on cannabis or food grade crops grown outdoors, or inside.

Controls the following Pathogens and Insects: Broad Mites, Russet Mites, Spider Mites, Aphids, Thrips, White Flies, Botrytis, Leafhoppers, Powered Mildew, Fusarium, Wilt, Downy Mildew, and other molds / mildews.

It can be used all the way to and including HARVESTING / DRYING stages

100% Organic non-GMO Plant based PH and protease inhibitors (several) solution using bio-organic methods (bacteria, Nano micelle colloidal particles (over 26) and Vitamin C, potassium to help in growing and root protection for young plants) that attack the bugs ability to digest things, inactivating their digestive enzyme capacity, starving them, inhibit their ability to make proteins, Dissolving their exoskeleton, dissolving the newborns, and eggs. It’s a multi-prong strategy that basically kills them by multiple avenues. This stuff will even hold water (hydroscopic) during times of heat stress, and reduce (lower) the freezing temperature of dew on the plant. It’s a Nano particle that can clean an oil on one end, but it’s connected to a water molecule on the other end (water miscible). They are Nano sized colloidal dispersion’s prepared from amphiphilic molecules, with a hydrophobic tail and a hydrophilic head. The hydrophobic core acts as a reservoir for hydrophobic drugs (or nutrients, enzymes) and the hydrophilic shell stabilizes the hydrophobic core. When It comes in contact with THC, it basically “scrubs” it, but leaves no residue, in fact, it removes residue. Prevents and kills ANY type of mildew (disclosure – will not address / treat mold already tunneling inside the buds….sorry but too late if it has reached that point).

The solution can also be used as a residue cleanse (New formulation Crop Cleanse…no more rinsing your harvest in H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) and leaving that awful taste behind or affecting the THC and Terpene flavonoids. Opinion is this makes the buds taste BETTER!. When It comes in contact with THC, it basically “scrubs” it, but leaves no residue, in fact, it removes residue (Scientific = It cleans by it’s molecular structure, it’s able to get really close to the trichomes without actually touching them, and it captures little impurities, or can deposit medication or nutrients with it’s little structure. Micelles act as emulsifiers that allows a compound that is usually insoluble in water to dissolve, inserting the long hydrophobic tails into the insoluble dirt while the hydrophilic head face outside and surround the nonpolar dirt. aka, the contaminates get “stuck” in them, then are washed away).

This is one of the FEW PRODUCTS EVER that can be used “All the WAY and into DRYING stage

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