The Best place to start is at the beginning. We will try to lay this out so it makes sense and you can choose a point of where “you are at” and continue from there. We welcome feedback…sharing is caring

Growing Indoors; Tents, Rooms, Closets, Garage….no matter the choice, Indoor is Indoor and very different than Outdoor growing. There are also some who move their plants In and Out. Look here for directions based on your needs

Growing outdoors has its own set of circumstances depending on; Substrate, Strains, Time of Year, Temperatures, Watering and Feeding. What kind of Outdoor Grower are you? Unsure, ask away…

Hydro / Hydroponics – like steroids’ for your plants. Benefits, Pitfalls and other considerations

The importance of soil is that it serves as an anchor for the roots, and provides a nutrient store to feed it

Caring for the plants is more than merely adding fertilizers or watering. At any given time, any number of issues can arise. Be prepared, provide preventative treatments ahead of time. Now is better than later.

Identify your problem and then address resolving it

Let everyone see what you’ve accomplished, from Start to Finish…”The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

The root-soil food web is critical to a healthy soil ecosystem. The trick is to make sure that is balanced and has the necessary ingredients to support the plant for life

Medicinal use of cannabis is growing at a phenomenal rate. As new strains are developed and CBD becomes more prevalent, we will explore the medicinal end to see what is preferred for “what ails you”

Sometimes things do not fit in the package so we left a space where those things can go

Here you will find products to assist you along your way. From Mold prevention/cure, Insect control, Crop cleanser, Amendments, Additives, Organic soils (Canna and Canna pro living soils), Adult Novelty items (seeds), and more