Autoflower plants have the same life cycles as Photoperiod plants but at a much quicker rate. There is early and late Veg state, early Flower and late Flower From germination to harvest, it normally takes anywhere from 8 to 13 weeks to complete, from seed to harvest. This can change depending on the strain, the environment and conditions. Nutrition and growing conditions are both similar and different. Because their life cycle is based on a preset (hormones) amount of time, stress, training, transplanting can be a major factor that affect the timeline. With such a short life cycle, the last thing you want to do is stunt their growth. Because of this, many growers feel that they should not be touched (no topping, fimming, High Stress Training (HST), transplanted or even defoliated. As much as this is the general rule, many of us tweak them and push them beyond their boundaries. As new strains develop, new methods are developed to maximize the harvest. If you have time, space, a good environment and healthy plants, do not be afraid. The worst that can happen is a low yield….but you LEARN!

Like children, you begin to know your babies. They tell you if they are healthy or ill. Healthy plants accomplish things we thought not possible