What you can grow and how well it will grow is contingent on its environment, the tools and equipment you have, your skills and some genetics

We try to grow the “Best We Can” in the “Environment We Have”


What is your “ENVIRONMENT”? Break this down to “where am I going to grow” and “how can I get to it”?

An outside location; in the ground or containers, in a shed, an open field, a garden or somewhere the plants will be exposed to the elements.

An indoor location; in a tent, room, closet, attic, garage or even a basement

There are many places you can begin to grow so “DEVELOP” a plan based on what will be your preferred growing space. Will you migrate plants in and out? If so, include that in your plan

Outdoors – how much sun will it get, what direction does the sun rise and set over the grow area, does the ground need treating, fertilization, nutrients, additives. How will it get watered? Is it conspicuous or visible to peering eyes or noses. What kind of stealth would we want to concern ourselves with and how will we do that? What are the traits of our climate and what strains would grow best in it? Is it dry or humid, little or much rain, very hot, very cold? If we could start simple, we just plant our seeds outside and let nature take its course, but it can be and usually is much more involved than that.

Indoors – have you considered things like: space, power, water, ventilation, temperature (including transitioning from winter to summer), lighting, fans, equipment, ease of access, maneuverability, heat, cooling and humidity control