The luxury of growing marijuana outdoors does not work for everyone. Stay within acceptable procedures, laws and learn the do’s, do not. Indoors affords a much better control of the environment but be aware of the added responsibilities that comes with it. To name a few: Temperature control (hot, cold, ventilation), Size – closet or tent or garage, make sure you have the space to work, grow and have the height available to address when plants grow taller than expected, Cost – humidifiers, dehumidifier, fans, intake/exhaust fans, tubes, A/C, and the little expenses that add up along the way, proper and sufficient lighting, UVA/UVB, Heat lamps, timers, backup equipment (in case a timer fails, light goes out, surge bar fails, etc.). One of the biggest issues that happens often is that the plants grow too tall and the light is too close, or there is not enough room in the area to effectively, efficiently work around the plants to properly care for and tender to them. Additional training methods come into play and you need to be aware of them and how to use them to your and the plant’s benefit.

Is there enough space to grow as many plants as you would like, is there enough light for everything, do you have sufficient and proper lighting to get from seedling to harvest, can you control dark/light times for all the types of plants / seedings you may want to grow…common questions for indoor growing. And do not forget, when those plants mature, the distinctive odor of Marijuana….oh I do so love it, but will the neighbors?