BASIC to all indoor growing is the plant  environment. Options include: Tents, Room, Closet, Garage, Attic, Basement. Each of these environments come with their own recommendations and requirements for growing. Minimums are; ventilation, power, accessibility, temperature and humidity control.

TENTS: They come in all sizes, big and small, tall and short, ventilation ports, electrical ports all built in. Some tents are better than others (quality) but $$ does NOT make a good tent…quality is inherent to the manufacturer so always check reviews. There are certain features we definitely want to look for; quality zipper…one of the most important items. You will open and close this zipper many, many times so it has to  last and not hang up. Often we check our plants at least “ONCED A DAY”, sometimes more in the beginning as we are fascinated to see them grow. Bothe newcomers and seasoned veterans have this innate desire to view the crop….it comes from the passion that develops from this entire process. We feel for our plants and like children, we address them often.

Rooms. Closets, Garage, Shed, Basement, Attics

As with Tents, common denominators to all of these are: Power accessibility close to the area, probably a few outlets. Ventilation – Grow space needs to have air circulation, room for heating / air conditioning, Rh control, equipment, etc.,  so is there room. If stealth is a requirement (Gee, I love the smell of flowering cannabis, but do the neighbors), don’t forget a decent filter.

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TENT WINDOWS…I think in all my time with tents, I have looked through the window once or twice….not a necessity, you really do not see anything nor is the visibility good enough to warrant action. Unless you do not tend them daily, the most you may see that could prompt action, is underwatering. You would see the plant/s drooping. If you tend your plants daily, there would be more than enough time for this to be corrected.

SIZE – Tents come in such a wide array of sizes, from small to extremely large. If you are going to add a tent, consider the area the tent will be placed. Power accessibility close to the tent, probably a few outlets. Ventilation – tents need to have air circulation so is there room for an intake and/or exhaust fan, inside and outside the tent? If stealth is a requirement (Gee, I love the smell of flowering cannabis, but do the neighbors), don’t forget a decent filter. And if you need headroom (short tents), can it be mounted outside the tent? External mounting of ventilation / filtering systems  / heating / cooling / Rh (humidity controls) will free up valuable interior room in the tent. One of the most common issues that new growers run in to is plant height. A minimum of 12-18 inches (about .3 to .45m) distance from the light to the top of the plants. Many plants go through a very big “STRETCH” where, depending on the strain, can be from 1 to 3 feet (.3 to almost 1 meter). What about headroom…can you easily get inside the tent to manage, handle, effectively trim, tender and care (watering, feeding, training, etc.) your plant/s?

I personally like to stand in my tent…I have room to go around my plants and convenience is important to me. Small tents designed for a single or 2 containers may be easier so a lower/ shorter tent can be an option but do not forget the distance issues. Lights, exhaust tubes / filters, all take up height. Also figure in a base for the plants (even if it is small, it only takes a little bit to be out of the comfort zone and introduce issues). Even container depth…have to add that into play. Between a base, a container, the stem before the canopy of the plant, you could easily reach 2 feet (.6m). Now add the canopy, the light distance requirement and you see how fast head room disappears. Start you formula backwards and some simple math will let you know what is best. Do not forget that there also will be space taken up from the ribs of the roof of a tent to hang lights and filtration systems…a little more space so always add EXTRA space….easier now than later