Other Equipment for growing Outdoors

When growing outdoors, take into consideration some equipment to help you along. We cannot really control the temperature or humidity but we can be prepared for issues that will arise and either perform preventative maintenance of have on hand the things we will need to help us through the grow. Can you erect wind breakers, heavy rain protection, ventilation, sun shade. Will it get enough sunlight? Autoflowers can grow with as little as 5 hours of light but more light = bigger returns. Photoperiods’ require at least 14 to 15 hours of light to not FLIP into flowering stage so PLANTING TIME can become CRUCIAL

Does the area you desire to grow in need anything? Is there enough SPACE to get around your plants to trim, train, support, remove males, hermies, nanners

Is STEALTH or Privacy an issue…Remember, even if it cannot be seen by peering eyes, It can give off enough ODOR to attract or instigate deeper investigation and can often grow over 8′-10″ (2.5 to 3m). Cannabis is a fragrant plant with some strains giving off much more odor than others

Soil – will you need or desire; amendments, nutrients, additives, mulch, compost. Will it need: preventative maintenance for insects, animals, drainage, moisture holding abilities, mold prevention (Many times we have seen plants grown near a fence, wall or other structure restrict the airflow and invite mold)

Will it be grow in in containers or in the ground or containers partially submerged into the ground

DO you have a spade, pitchfork, shovel, gloves, garbage pail, jewelers loupe to inspect trichomes, buds, leaves for issues (insects, frass, mold)

Mixing, watering containers, carts to possible move plants grown in containers if necessary

REMEMBER, PREVENTING ISSUES before they happen is the best solution. See our: