Knowing when to harvest marijuana has often been a difficult decision. Too soon and your marijuana won’t be very potent. Too long and you end up with an overly narcotic effect (COUCH LOCK) and too strong of a taste. Indica, which is by genetics a more sedative narcotic, can easily put you to bed if it goes too long and Sativa, the more energetic cerebral effect can have side effects like paranoia if harvested too soon

There are different opinions on this subject. Many growers go but the trichome rule – wait for 10% amber trikes and others have the opinion of “when they are milky” they are ready. Clear – NOT

here are a few pics of what most the industry considers “READY TO HARVEST”

Below that, take a look at what we used to do before we had jewelers loupes and microscopes…we could not see the trichomes like we can now. We harvested based on the Stigmas, those pistils you see show age and you can make a good judgment based on them

MOST harvesting takes place during the 8th to 12th week of flower for Photoperiod plants

Autoflowers – there is an unwritten rule that 84 days is max and anything beyond that impacts ROI (return on Investment). That is 7 weeks of life…I personally to not adhere to that as I have seen hardly any ready at the 7th week. My experience with Autoflowers has averaged 11 weeks, a few shorter, a few longer when new methods push them (transplanting to larger containers at particular times interferes with the hormones due to the roots finding “all this space” and some growers have now pushed it to over 200 days.

Things’ they are a changing

Note – this pretty much goes for outdoor grow’s too. Harvesting time is harvesting time, indoors or outdoors

Some of the differences between the two are: Indoors may require FLUSHING a few weeks prior to harvest depending on what they were fed (organic – synthetic). Unless you grew in a container, it is pretty hard to FLUSH plants grown “In the Ground”

Outdoor grows are exposed to many things Indoor grows are protected from; Dust, dirt,  insect, insect frass (insect excrement), residues from pesticides, insecticides. Many outdoor growers choose to rinse their harvest before drying. Some use plain water, some use concoctions (to remove mold, mildew, etc.). I highly recommend our:

Dr. Frankenstein’s – bio-animation spray. Bio-stimulant/Fungicide/Insecticide/Surfactant

This product can be used at ANY TIME during a plants life cycle, including the Harvest and Dry cycle. This is one of the FEW PRODUCTS available today that will not harm the flowers or THC levels of the grow. Additionally, it serves multiple purposes and as a PREVENTATIVE, it is a phenomenal product