What is the BEST medium to grow in…that is an opinion and it is based on your environment, skill, knowledge and supplies. How much effort and work you want to put into your substrate will affect the size and quality of the end product you want to harvest. Soil is one of the most forgiving of all mediums, requires the least amount of work and offers a good return.

The importance of soil is not that it only serves as an anchor for the roots, keeping the whole plant stable but it offers the least amount of effort of all growing mediums. Soil is “NOT” the same as coco or peat (usually 75% / 25% perlite -which are more like hydro). There are store bought Organic soils ranging from cheap to somewhat expensive; Fox Farms, Happy Frog, Kellogg, Miracle Grow, Sun Grow, Mother Earth,  Roots, Purple Cow IndiCanja, and store brands. Be advised, try to find fresh soil. Stuff that has sat around in a warehouse or out in the heat, or storage for a long time loses nutrients. Most will come with gnats, eggs, larvae for some kind of insect so PRETREATMENT is essential (Dr. Frankenstein’s – bio-animation spray. Bio-stimulant/Fungicide/Insecticide/Surfactant). A new grower can start off with a basic soil for not too much $$ and decide if growing is for them. Then there are higher quality Organic soils that cost a little more but reduce the nutrient need to feed them and lastly High Quality soils Dr Frankenstein’s Soils, additives and amendments that can almost take you from start to finish with just about simple watering techniques. To top off the chart, LIVING ORGANIC SOILS…the most costly but most productive. Home growers can also make their own soil at home, from their yard or in the garage or other areas where they can buy and mix the components.

Click here for a list of entry level organic soils for the cannabis industry

Organic Soil